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Congratulations to the Tustin Street Fair Donation Recipient: Tustin Area Council for Fine Arts
The Tustin Street Fair & Chili Cook-Off Committee and the Tustin Community Foundation are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 donations. The more funds raised by the event, the larger the donations so please mark your calendars and plan to attend!

About Tustin Area Council for Fine Arts...
TACFA’s signature program, Broadway in the Park is perfectly aligned with the Council’s mission to develop, showcase and support the arts within the greater Tustin area. This donation will be used to help defray the cost to put on this first class musical production with a professional cast and allow the ticket price to remain low and family friendly. A portion of the donation will help fund the "Creating Community Art" program offered in TUSD Schools.


Mission Statement

The purpose of the Tustin Community Foundation is to promote and advance philanthropy in the greater Tustin area. By partnering with its donors, the foundation supports nonprofit organizations and public institutions that effectively address community needs.

~ Tustin Community Foundation is a 501c(3) Organization ~
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The Tustin Community Foundation is supported 100% by donations from individuals and corporations.  The Foundation is not funded by the City of Tustin and does not receive or manage CDBG funds or taxpayer dollars.


 Tustin Community
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Tustin Community Foundation "One Foundation Helping Many"

What is a Community Foundation?

The League of California Community Foundations offers this simple definition: A community foundation is a publicly supported philanthropic institution governed by a board of private citizens chosen to be representative of the public interest and for their knowledge of the community. It administers individual funds contributed or bequeathed to it by individuals, other agencies, governments, corporations and other sources.

Who does a Community Foundation Serve?

Community foundations uniquely serve three publics: donors, the nonprofit sector and the community as a whole. Individual community foundations may focus to some extent on one of these publics over the other two (leading to considerable diversity in the field) but by structure and by regulation the community foundation must always serve all three. League of California Community Foundations

Guiding Principles of TCF

  • Strategic leveraging of public and private resources

  • Financial transparency and accountability of outcome measurements

  • Creation of a strategic approach to meeting critical community needs

  • Sustainability of goals through multi-year funding and the leveraging of in-kind gifts

  • Creation of relationships that encourage partnerships between nonprofit organizations and local businesses and corporations

  • Promotion of volunteerism to increase the capacity of nonprofit partners

  • Equity in the geographic distribution of resources

  • Prioritization of funding to organizations that strategically focuses on positive change and improvement









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